#First Africa E-commerce Market Place To Go Live On Blockchain

A Place where Buyers and Sellers Are Equal

Our approach is intellectual, linking knowledge to industry. We believe that this approach to global market industry will attract the brightest liquidity to engage with and constantly enhance the evidence base of cryptocurrency policies, actions and activities, for transparency, accountability and mainstream adoption.

Our Powerful Hybrid Solution

Blockchain projects like ours aim to create an incorruptible visualization of the supply chain process. Since data validated on the blockchain network is virtually incorruptible, the supply chain process on a supply chain focused blockchain network is a much-needed solution for supply chain management problems facing the e-commerce industry today.An incorruptible blockchain network will provide a transparent supply chain where consumers can see the order flow of the products they buy, helping increase consumer confidence.

Our Hybrid Approach

Both public and private DLTs have important and very different use cases, but real world problems seldom lie at the extremes. We find the majority of systems we architect for our customers benefit from a combination of both public and private DLT with a hybrid blockchain solution. We use each for its respective strengths. And we prefer using DLT platforms that include a decentralized public network but also allow us to provision our own private networks using the same developer interface and methodology. This way, one piece of application code for the business is able to talk to both DLTs as appropriate and our customers get the enterprise-level security, auditability, and scale required to further their business.

This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the e-commerce industry since the current supply chain system has issues only blockchain technology can solve in today’s, fast-moving ecommercebusiness world.

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